Can I use different sessions in the same day?

No. Give the brain the time to focus on one activity and put all it’s efforts to fix one problem at a time.


Can I use the same session multiple times in the same day?

Yes. It can make it more powerful, specially if you couldn’t concentrate and relax at the first time.


I have many different problems, how should I use different treatment programs?

One at a time. Many problems are related and every treatment will have positive effect for every other problem.

Choose which has the most priority first.

If you get positive effects in few days go on using it for weeks until your problems are at minimum.

After that you can start using the next treatment.


How effective is the treatment using only the free version?

The free version have in most cases positive effects but it is primarily made to give you a proof our technology works.

Session 1 and Session 2 complement and depend on each other to have a full circulatory effect as a treatment.


What does it mean if I don’t feel any positive effects?

If all the sessions of the therapy didn't result in positive effects, it can mean

- you have an incompatible earphone (or headphone)

- the used (heavy) drugs / medicine or alcohol blocks the effect of our therapies

- your neurons and it's pathways could be too much damaged

- our treatment is not effective enough and need to wait for the next update to try it again


Please let us know about your experience. All our therapies are in ongoing research and we’ll keep updating our therapies to make it more and more effective.


How do i know if i have a compatible earphone or a headphone?

It should be able to play this low frequency sound.




If you can't hear anything we recommend to use a large headphone. Any (cheap) large headphone model of the known brands like Sony, Philips, Seinheiser with a standard frequency range of 20-20.000Hz will do.

DJ headphones or headphones with extra bass features are not recommended!


I don’t understand the frequency of use.

Therapies with 2 sessions:

Day 1 session 1, day 2 session 2, day 3 session 1, day 4 session 2, day 5 session 1 etc..


Therapies with 3 sessions:

Day 1 session 1, day 2 session 2, day 3 session 3, day 4 session 1, day 5 session 2 etc..


In 10 to 15 days you should have great improvement in your symptoms. If not but feel some positive effects, keep doing the sessions every day.

Every 10 or 15 days it is the best to stop using the therapy for few days and feel the level of your progress. If your symptoms won't return, you can go to the next level using the treatment, one session every 2 days.


Level 1: every day one session.

Level 2: every 2 days one session.

Level 3: every 3 days one session.

Level 4: every 4 days one session.

Level 5: every 5 days one session.

Level 6: every 6 days one session.

Level 7: every 7 days one session.




Therapies with 2 sessions:


Therapies with 3 sessions:


Nevertheless duration of every therapy works different for every person and need to be your own doctor to heal (we hope) completely.


Why are the therapies only available as Apps and not on other media or CD?

Apps are the only way for us to update our therapy sessions when we find better ways or implement new research developments to make our therapies even more effective.

We can only control it this way to always deliver the last version of our therapy sessions.


There is no sound, the app is not working.

There are many devices with different OS versions and backgrounds apps which can be the cause of the problem.

- Remove all the background apps, restart the device and try it again.

- If the problem persists, remove the app and install it again.


What are the dangers of using brain wave entrainment?

There are no major dangers to be concerned with unless you are: prone to seizures, under 18, epileptic or pregnant.

Our therapies are listened more than 2.000.000 times and received 0 complication.


Is there a scientific proof of Vital Tones therapies?

The strength of scientific evidence is based on the results. Our results are direct and available through the reviews of our users.


How can we help the research progress of Vital Tones therapies and treatments?

Keeping us informed about your experience will help our research progress.

We are a small entity and would appreciate donation to expand our research to make our treatments and therapies better and also launch other remedy programs.


At least, if you have great positive effects we request helping us by sharing our Vital Tones treatments.


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